Beyonce Dishes Out $37,000 In Giftcards On Surprise Supermarket Visit

Shoppers at a US supermarket who left their festive gift-grabbing until the last minute were given a pleasant surprise yesterday when none other than Beyonce swung by to dish out some giftcards.

The 32-year-old turned up at the Tewksbury, Massechusetts branch of Walmart on Friday, and offered to pay the first $50 of everyone in the store’s gift-shopping… a bill that eventually set her back an incredible $37,000.

She allegedly said over the tannoy: “Hello Walmart shoppers, testing Walmart shoppers. It`s Beyonce!

“And I stopped by the store today because my record has arrived. I want to give everyone a gift. For everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyonce!”

As we reported yesterday, the superstar had stopped by to pick up a CD copy of her latest album, which until recently had only been available as a digital download from iTunes.

The collection has broken records, shifting more than 1 million copies worldwide in its opening frame. It bowed at No1 on the US Billboard chart and No5 in the UK, after just two days on release.

Check out snaps of Beyonce’s visit below.

Beyonce goes shopping for her new album (Facebook)