Best Dad Ever! Harry Styles Leaves Voicemail On Lucky Teenage Girl’s Phone After Meeting Her Dad For Lunch (VIDEO)

Harry Styles helped a step-dad earn major brownie points with his daughter after he rang the teenager up and left a voicemail message on her mobile phone.

The One Direction star made one girl the envy of many after he dialled her number and left a chirpy message after having what appeared to be a business lunch with her step dad at London’s exclusive private members club, Shoreditch House.

The girl in question, Ellie, and her pal looked excited as they replayed the message whilst sat in her car – but not before filming it and uploading the video to Instagram, you know to rub it in! – as Harry’s distinctive voice came on the line.

“Hi Ellie, it’s Harry here, I’m with your dad and we’ve just had lunch together. He’s a really nice guy,” Harry begins the message before revealing the pair got on so well they were going to meet for again the week after.

Harry Styles poses alongside the best dad ever! (Instagram/ellie_fp)

He added: “Hopefully see you soon, I think we’re supposed to be having coffee next week.”

It seems the lucky teen isn’t the only one who was left slightly star-struck as Ellie’s step dad couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose for a selfie with the Harry, and judging by his huge grin he was estatic to have met the One Direction star.

Life is not fair! Excuse us while we go and cry into our pillows…