Benedict Cumberbatch Wants To ‘Transform’ His Body

Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that he wants to “transform” his body so that he can play an action hero, and have a ‘Daniel Craig’ moment.

The 36-year-old, who underwent a bit of a body transformation to take on the role of John Harrison in JJ Abrams’ latest Star Trek movie, has revealed that he’s keen for a James Bond-style physique.

“I’d love to transform my body into some ridiculous war machine,” he said, according to TV Magazine. “I want to run around a desert shooting guns at aliens and looking as if I barely have to take a breath.”

He also added: “I would love to do all that sh*t. I definitely want my Daniel Craig moment!”

Even though Benedict is due to finish off filming the third series of Sherlock, it sounds as if he’s caught the bug for a muscly physique, after his stint in Star Trek.

“Star Trek is, to all intents and purposes, an action movie as much as it is a sci-fi drama, so that involved a hell of a lot of training and long hours,” he said. “I had to put weight on, so I’d eat 4,000 calories a day. I went up four suit sizes at one point – it was hard work but a lot of fun.”

During the press conference for Star Trek Into Darkness, he explained that gaining the weight and working out was the “hardest thing” about filming the movie “as it meant a lot of eating in a very short space of time and a lot of working out”.

“It was very integral to the character to have a very strong shape and physical presence and to be able to move at the same time. I had to be able to move and stretch my arms and legs out a bit. I loved all that. Although there was one stage where I was on about 4,000 calories a day and then I had to halve that and I turned into an absolute creature from hell. And it’s just horrible.”

But he did add: “The amount of live action that (Abrams) let us do and wants us to do is part of the thrill. You get to see real bodies in these incredible environments.”