Benedict Cumberbatch Wants Jessica Chastain To Play Ophelia To His Hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch will star in a stage production of Hamlet next year and needs an Ophelia. Coincidentally, Jessica Chastain has always wanted to play the role of Shakespeare’s Ophelia.

“I’ve never played Ophelia,” Jessica told Yahoo Movies last week. “I always thought I’d play Ophelia. And it’s probably not now in my future…it’s a strange thing for theater with actresses, because you kind of grow away from a role.”

Benedict will play a slightly older version of Shakespeare’s Prince of Denmark. (Daniel Deme/WENN)

Benedict disagreed with Jessica. He believes she could play the role of Ophelia in next year’s production of Hamlet at London’s Barbican theater, in which the Sherlock star will play the title role.

“She’s terrific! She can come and join our party if she wants,” Benedict told Yahoo Movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. “She hasn’t aged out of our production. I’m an older Hamlet, and we can all be contemporaries in the young world of that play.”

The Barbican has made no other casting announcements. Benedict enlisted Yahoo Movies help to make Jessica’s dreams of playing the classic Shakespeare role a reality.

“You give her a call. Call her up and see if she’s that interested in playing Ophelia now. I don’t think it’s an age thing, Jess. It would be lovely for us!” he said.

Lyndsey Turner will direct the play, produced by Sonia Friedman. The show will run for 12 weeks starting on Aug. 5, 2015. Every performance has sold out, but the theater will hold 100 extra seats for purchase at the theater the night of each show.