Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals Secret Past: Teaching English To Tibetan Monks!

Nowadays he’s known for playing super sleuth Sherlock and the villain in the anticipated new Star Trek film but years ago Benedict Cumberbatch led a very different kind of life- teaching Tibertan monks.

The actor has revealed that after studying drama at Manchester University he decided to take soem time out from acting to travel abroad. He ventured to Darjeeling in India and as a GAP overseas student volunteer, taught English in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

“I could actually stay with monks in their home and watch them at work and at prayer, and get the chance to teach them and interact with them,” Benedict, 36, recalls to The Sun.

Apparently all that serenity and spirituality helped the Brit actor become the calm and collected actor he is today.

“Meditating and all that, being able to be still and focus, I did that.”

“There’s an ability to focus and have a real sort of purity of purpose and attention and not be too distracted. And to feel very alive to your environment, to know what you are part of, to understand what is going on in your peripheral vision and behind you, as well of what is in front of you.”

“That definitely came from that.”