Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals Gruelling Fitness Regime & ‘An Awful Lot Of Eating’ For Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed just how tough it was to get in shape for his role as villain John Harrison in his box office hit Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Brit actor has revealed beefing up for the villanious role was a serious challenge, but one that he felt he had to undertake in order for his character to be convincing.

“That was the hardest thing, in all honesty,” Benedict, 36 reveals to The Metro.” It meant an awful lot of eating in a very short space of time, and a lot of working out – but fortunately I had a fantastic trainer.”

The actor reveals he practically lived on a diet of chicken, potatoes and broccolli whilst prepping for the role adding: “I’d never been asked to do that before – it was very integral to the character to have a strong physical shape and presence, and to be able to move at the same time, so I wasn’t just a stiff lump of muscle.”

Benedict Cumberbatch beefed up for his Star Trek Into Darkness role (WENN)

Benedict says at one point he was eating a massive 4,000 calories a day, adding that he “turned into a creature from hell! No junk food, just all kinds of chicken, weeks of chicken with potatoes and broccoli, as well as salmon and protein shakes. Later came the hardest part – losing the weight.”

Star Trek Into Darkness has proved to be a massive hit at the global box office, raking in $16.4 million in North America alone since it’s release last month.

Kate Beckinsale at the Star Trek premiere in Los Angeles (All Access Photo / Splash News)