Benedict Cumberbatch Finds It Awkward When Strangers Call His Mum ‘Hot’

Don’t tell Benedict Cumberbatch that you think his mum is “hot” because it will make things really awkward as he is never sure how to respond to such compliments.

The Sherlock actor gets uncomfortable when men talk about his mum, actress Wanda Ventham, and her attractive looks because he never knows what is the right thing to say in response.

“I’ve been trapped with men in elevators who say to me, ‘Oh… I really used to like your mum. She’s really hot'”, he told the Daily Mirror.

”I don’t know what to say. If I say, ‘No, she’s not’, that is really insulting to my mother, and if I say she is, it seems very wrong. She is smokin’, I guess.”

Benedict hates it when he gets told his mother is “hot” (WENN)

The 37-year-old’s mum has appeared in a lot of UK TV over the years, including Doctor Who and Only Fools and Horses. She also appeared in a couple of Carry On movies.

Benedict also joked about how Americans have issues pronouncing and spelling his name.

“Some people don’t understand my name. Some people think it is an STD, but I don’t think that is what my parents were thinking about when they christened me,” he said.

Benedict will next be seen reprising his role of Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Day. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the new series, considering the last time we saw him, Sherlock was jumping off a building and assumed dead by viewers.

Co-creator Mark Gatiss has admitted that he never expected the mystery surrounding his existence to be so huge.

“We had absolutely no idea it was going to take on the epic proportions it has so really by the time it actually came to do it, we really had to address the fact that it’s been so huge because there are so many ways that you could jump of a building,” he said at a BFI screening of the first episode, The Empty Hearse.