Benedict Cumberbatch Feels “Monstrously Uncomfortable” Discussing Sex Symbol Status

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch does not feel comfortable talking about being a sex symbol, even though he is worshipped by many women who find him irresistible. He also finds it particularly odd because for most of his life he was never looked at that way, and suddenly everything changed:

“I feel monstrously uncomfortable talking about this…it’s just truly strange. I’ve been around a while now before this face which I’ve woken up with for 38 years now, a little bit longer, and I just go that’s the way I look and the first sort of few years of my career nobody sort of battered an eyelid. I didn’t cause any stares, wasn’t on the front page of any magazines or in polls or in calendars or on coffee mugs or god knows what else. And now it has just, yeah, it’s gone a bit berserk. It’s fun, it’s funny and it’s amusing. If you take it seriously I think you’re doomed really. Cause this ain’t going to last forever and hopefully my acting career will last at least as long as I last.”

Benedict adds that he still finds it amusing when people he meets are overwhelmed by him and react so extremely because it never used to be the case:

“I still giggle when people sort of fall about if they meet me in the streets or something. I find it funny. I’ve had the same face for however long I’ve been doing it, over 10 years now and it’s only recently it’s that face that’s garnered more attention or whatever, obsession. And I, yeah, I genuinely still find it quite amusing. So long that may continue because it keeps you a bit grounded.”