Benedict Cumberbatch As Marvel’s Doctor Strange: The Fan Art Is Epic

Marvel may have finally found their Doctor Strange with rumours flying that Benedict Cumberbatch is the favourite to play the Sorcerer Supreme. Marvel might not have actuallu confirmed the big news yet, but that hasn’t stopped the fans creating some pretty amazing fan art.

A report from Deadline this week claims that Benedict  “is the studio’s choice for the superhero pic, and negotiations are about to begin.” The news comes after Joaquin Phoenix dropped out of negotiations earlier this month, with Marvel forced to go back to the drawing board.

Benedict has actually been top of some fans’ wish lists for months, meaning there’s already a whole lot of fan art out there showing Ben as the New York surgeon turned mystical sorcerer. Let’s just hope for these fans’ sake, Marvel confirm the big casting news ASAP.

Juan Hugo Martinez

Bobby Fernando

Deviant Art