Ben Affleck Spent Months Working on Looking “Puffy And Hungover”

Ben Affleck really wants to win an Oscar for his part in ‘Gone Girl’, because he’s already been talking about how method he’s gone for the part. Ben claims that he took a long time to perfect his character’s look, which is all about looking “puffy and hungover”. The actor commented that he tried to make it look convincing:

“When you look at a movie and think, Oh, that’s the real guy, that’s probably a good thing. You know what I mean? Like, in the book, for example, it said that he was puffy and hungover. And I dedicated myself to that, and I think it’s quite convincing.”

Director David Fincher added:

“It was six months of real dedication to being hungover. It was extremely Method,”

Ben also said that he thinks the controversial film will have some people divided. He explained:

“That’s going to happen with this movie, I think. I feel like this is one where couples are going to be, “Do you think that was okay?” And the husband’s got to decide, “Do I be honest, or do I live a comfortable life?”