‘Bedazzled Trash’ Beyonce’s ‘Inappropiate’ Boob-Baring Bodysuit Slammed

Beyonce gave her fans a treat for the eyes on the first night of her ‘Mrs Carter Show’ tour last night, as she donned a bodysuit complete with fake boobs!

The 31-year-old hit the stage at the Komrak Arena in Belgrade, Serbia on Monday evening in front of thousands of her adoring fans, and as expected, Beyonce had an array of glamorous stage outfits on hand.

The ‘Halo’ singer stuck to her signature sexy style with a collection of bodysuits which accentuated her shapely figure, but one outfit in particular caught our eye.

At one point, Beyonce donned a gold, tassled bodysuit decorated in sequins which were strategically placed to give the illusion that she was baring her boobs, complete with faux nipples, making for the singer’s most raciest outfit yet.

Vulgar? Beyonce gave fans an eyeful on her first night of her Mrs Carter Show tour (Kauffman/GoldenEye/Splash News)

The outfit soon caught the attention of EntertainmentWise’s Facebook and Twitter fans as we received a shed load of comments on the unusual ensemble.

Some of Bey’s fans were loving her bold choice with one Facebook fan telling us: “It’s your personality and originality as an individual make you the talented entertainer you are. Loved you in Destiny’s Child love you now”.

The majority weren’t so kind though with another writing, “Way over the top uneccesary & a bit inappropriate for a “Mother” (sic).  Someone else summed up it up with the simple comment “Bedazzled trash”. Ouch.

Some fans meanwhile pointed out that Beyonce doesn’t have a young a fanbase as other stars so perhaps should be allowed to get away with more revealing outfits: “Its not as if B is like Taylor Swift with a huge young fan base. Shes allowed to get away with this type of outfit.”

Others though that it was irrelevant what ages group her fans are and slammed the star’s choice as “vulgar”:

“Gross and tasteless is actually what I think. She is extraordinarily talented and doesn’t need to be so vulgar. That being said, she’s free to wear what she wants. Who care” (sic).

It’s not the first time Mrs Carter has attracted controversy for her flesh-flashing stage outfits with some parents expressing their outrage at the star’s skimpy Super Bowl costume earlier this year.

What do you think of Bey’s latest look?

Beyonce kicks off first night of Mrs. Carter Show world tour (Kauffman / GoldenEye/ Splash News)