BBC Radio Presenter Furiously Interrupts Rap Battle After MC Threatens To Rape Woman (WATCH)

A rap battle in London went a step too far this week when an MC rapped about raping his female opponent, prompting a BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter to jump on stage and interrupt, clearly furious at the low blow.

The Jump Off hosts a weekly battle for underground rappers in London and this week saw MC Lighte The Boombox take on female MC D’Klastro, and while the artists usually rip into each other with insulting lyrics, MC Lighte took it way too far when he threatened to sexually assault his female sparring partner.

Nihal is a presenter for Radio 1 (Nihal/Twitter)

Nihal, who presents a show on Radio 1Xtra, quickly jumped on the stage, clearly furious with the taunt and began retaliating with his own offensive remarks including labelling MC Lighte a “misogynistic p***k.”

Watch what happened below…