Aussie Are Hoping Kate Middleton And Prince William Conceive Baby On Uluru Trip

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited Uluru in the Australian outback as part of their Australian tour and it seems the Aussies are hoping it could inspire some passion and even produce a second baby.

Kate and Wills left baby George behind as they flew to Uluru, known as Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory on Tuesday where the couple will be staying overnight at a luxury camping resort. And while the visit is special enough, it seems locals are hoping it could be even more special if baby number two is conceived their.

Ayers Rock Resort communications director, Karena Noble told the MailOnline: “It is the most remote place on earth the royal couple will have ever been.

Kate and William give each other dreamy looks as they take a walk around Uluru (SplashNews)

“People do come here specially for wedding anniversaries and other meaningful dates.”

She added hopefully: “Wouldn’t it be nice if a baby was conceived here? It really is a special place.”

The couple are currently in the midst of their Australian royal tour (SplashNews)

It didn’t seem THAT romantic though as while posing for pics Kate admitted she was getting attacked by swarms of flies. A local school girl said to the couple after a photo opportunity in front of the rock: “You were both like magic when the photos were being taken. I was like, ‘How are they not swatting flies away?'”

“I know. It was difficult,” Kate admitted according to People magazine.

Kate did admit something was all over her – flies! (SplashNews)

While William added: “They were all coming for us.”

“It’s a beautiful sight, though. Quite breathtaking,” the Prince added, apparently about the natural wonder, not Kate.