Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Taking Tips From Two And A Half Men Set Ahead Of Baby’s Arrival?

Mila Kunis could give birth at any time and before the actress goes into labour, her fiance Ashton Kutcher has been doing some “nesting”, but the baby’s room is looking a little bit too much like the Two And A Half Men living room, judging by Kutcher’s most recent Twitter photo.

Ashton was no doubt just having a joke with his millions of followers (we hope so, anyway!), as he mentally prepares himself for the amount of toys that are going to be dotted around the house from now on. The actor posted the snap alongside the caption: “Nesting…. Too much?” Mila has been spotted out and about a lot this week, despite her looking ready to burst and although she could give birth at any moment, it seems like Ashton is currently in the middle of filming the last series of the sitcom, due to premiere on October 30. Coincidentally, the storyline on the show at the moment is focusing on adoption, as his character Walden Schmidt and partner Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) prepare to become fathers too.

Sources had recently told People that Ashton had been a nervous wreck ahead of the birth, with him hoping that Mila would go into labour before he had to head back to work. However, it seems like this hasn’t happened, judging by yesterday’s tweet. “They were hoping the baby would come this week because he’s on hiatus,” an insider told the publication. But, despite being nervous, they did add that the actor “is incredibly excited for the baby”, whilst “Mila just wants the baby to come out already!”

Ashton joked he was ‘nesting’ on Twitter by posting this snap (Twitter)

However, despite the showbiz couple being nervous, another source told Us Weekly: “Ashton is an efficiency expert. His morning routine and his business practices are completely mechanical. He’s planned his route to the hospital and the baby bag is packed and ready at this point.”