Ashley Iaconetti still a virgin?

According to TMZ, Ashley Iaconetti, of the TV show “Bachelor” is still a virgin, something that she talked about incessantly on the show.  Would Chris want to marry a bachelor? This was the topic of discussion for the girls who were vying for his attention.  Inane, I know.

For those who don’t know Ashley, she is a Syracuse alum. She actually went to Newhouse, which I understand is one of the top-rated communication schools in the country.  I don’t think she was involved in any sorority.  And she seems reasonably intelligent, despite her desire to talk about her virginity. Is nothing sacred? Her use of makeup is a bit much.  She cakes it on like she’s in the circus and her fake eyelashes are really scary.  There are rumors that she’s canoodling with Josh Murray, the guy who was supposed to marry Andi Dorfman on the show “Bachelorette”.  But they split up in January. You can see an Instagram photo of Josh and Ashley at some NYC sports bar.  I wonder if she will lose her virginity to Josh.  Syracuse students are all holding their collective breath.