Ashley Greene Denies A ‘Crack Pipe’ Was Found At West Hollywood Apartment After Fire

Ashley Greene isn’t able to move on from the devastating fire that tore through her entire apartment last year just yet, as the actress is being sued by the building’s manager who claims a crack pipe was found in the aftermath of the blaze, however, a source close to the star has slammed the allegations.

The Twilight star was sleeping in the apartment with her brother and reportedly her then-boyfriend Ryan Phillippe on March 22, 2013, when a couch was set alight by a candle in the living room, tearing through the condo and killing one of her pet fox terrier dogs. According to TMZ, the fire caused extensive damage to a number of other apartments and several tenants and owners in the building are reportedly taking legal action against Greene.

Adrian Mayorga, the building’s manager, is said to be suing Greene, 27, claiming in a sworn deposition that he has suffered permanent respiratory damage and even alleging that one of the men who cleared out the apartment after the inferno, found a glass crack pipe. According to Mayorga, he was the first person to appear in the hallway following the fire and claims that he saw Greene, her brother and Phillippe looking “disoriented … they looked like they were drunk or under the influence of something.” He adds in the deposition: “The only people I saw getting treated was Ashley Greene, her brother Joe Green, and her — the current boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe.”

However, there is confusion as to whether actor Phillippe was even there on the night, as he reportedly submitted a sworn declaration to Greene’s attorney last week, staring that he wasn’t present at the apartment on the night of the fire and, furthermore, has never even visited that unit. Another source seems to have backed up this version of the story with one telling UsWeekly: “There was no crack pipe found in Ashley’s apartment. It’s all hearsay from unnamed sources — Mayorga’s claiming he heard from a friend of an unidentified worker who may have entered the apartment. Additionally, Phillippe went on the record saying he wasn’t there.”

In response to Mayorga’s allegations that Greene and the others acted as though they were “under the influence,” the insider hits back: “Of course Ashley was disoriented! She was awoken at 9 a.m. to her house being on fire. Who wouldn’t be?” It’s reported that Greene was able to sell the unit in July for a cool $1.1 million after getting extensive renovations which reportedly set her back around $303,000. EntertainmentWise have contacted Ashley Greene’s rep for comment.