Ariana Grande Opens Up On ‘Unhealthy Relationship’ Following Nathan Sykes Split Rumours

Ariana Grande has opened up on an “unhealthy relationship” from her past, and while the star doesn’t name names the comments come just weeks after rumours began circulating that the US star has split from The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the 20-year-old reveals that she was once involved with a guy who had a dramatic effect on her personality, telling the magazine:

“I was dating a boy who made me a different person. And my family was like, ‘You’ve lost your light, you are constantly distracted.’ If I waited too long to text him back, it was the end of the world. And it was just a very unhealthy relationship.”

Ariana also revealed to the magazine that she has a rule to avoid Twitter when she’s stressed as nasty comments only make everything seem worse:

”I’m a lot shier than people think,” she said. “I don’t go online when I’m dealing with s**t. This is a very amazing time in my life, but also the most stressful. I’m adjusting and learning … For a very long time, it affected me”.

“And I was like, ‘But they don’t know the story! Or, ‘But they don’t know me!’ And my friends were like, ‘That’s the thing, they don’t know you and they never will. You can’t let a 12 year old in Minnesota ruin your day.’ ”

Ariana’s interview comes amid claims she has split from boyfriend Nathan Sykes after just a few months of dating. Although neither star has confirmed the rumours, both have failed to mention the other on their respective Twitter accounts recently while they spent Christmas apart.

Sources claim long-distance played a huge part in their decision to go their separate ways, with one insider telling Us Weekly: “They just weren’t into it anymore,” while another source close to The Wanted star adds that the problem was the couple “hardly ever saw each other.”