Anne Hathaway Slammed For ‘Vomit’ Inducing BAFTAs Speech

It was all going so well for Anne Hathaway, an overwhelming favourite for every awards ceremony and winning praise from all quarters, it seemed that the actress could do no wrong… until she gave her BAFTA Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech, and it didn’t go down well.

Anne annoyed audiences by thanking everyone remotely connected with ‘Les Miserables’, even the author of the original novel Victor Hugo.

One snide remark on Twitter said: “If Hathaway thanked Victor Hugo, will Bigelow have to thank Bin Laden?”

While that may be a little harsh (after all Hugo did write the novel), it may have been a little over the top for Hathaway to thank a man who died in 1885 for the award.

If other movie stars followed Anne’s lead then the stars of ‘Troy’ would’ve been thanking Homer (the Greek poet, not Simpson), while ‘Anna Karenina’s’ costume designers could’ve thanked 19th Century Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.

It doesn’t seem too daft however when one considers the praise meted out to Shakespeare whenever an adaptation of his plays gets recognition.

What also got viewers goat however was that it was all a bit typical of your average awards schtick for those who, despite loving their film, have rather had enough of hearing how humbling getting every award is.

Another viewer tweeted: “Sigh. There Anne Hathaway goes again, being all surprised and honoured and humble with a carefully rehearsed extemporaneous speech.”

In particular Kate Winslet has often faced ridicule for bursting into tears whenever she gets a gong, although some were extra critical of Hathaway for her seemingly feigned emotion.

Anne previously seemed to have won over cinema goers with her roles in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Les Miserables’.

Twitter user Sarah Morgan-Becket wrote: “Every Anne Hathaway speech: *Attempts badabing joke, feigns humility, breathily compliments cast, thanks management, loves husband.* Vomit.”

One person who Anne actually revealed was vomiting was her co-star Eddie Redmayne, when she said: “Hey Eddie, get well soon, I’d come and hold your hair – but, you know.”

With the whole world now knowing that he spent the BAFTAs chucking up, Eddie may be the one man with good reason to be annoyed about Anne’s overly long acceptance speech.