Anne Hathaway Admits She Loved Singing Live For ‘Les Miserables’

Anne Hathaway sacrificed a great deal during the filming of much-anticipated musical film ‘Les Miserables’. Not only did she allow a cast member to cut off her long hair during a scene – for REAL – but the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ actress also sang live for the film too.

‘Les Miserables’ isn’t due to hit UK cinemas until 2013, but anticipation is already at an all time high… especially now that it has been revealed the entire cast – from Hugh Jackman to Helena Bonham Carter – sang their lines live on set.

And, while some actors might shy away from such a big risk, Anne Hathaway, whose haunting vocals can be heard in the trailer for the film, has admitted to Flicks And Bits that she found the entire experience to be very “freeing”:

“The perspective is so spontaneous, and you’re allowed to keep that and honour that and explore that, and be really moved by what’s happening in the moment.”

“And there seems to me to be something selfish about trying to go for the pretty version of it, so I just sort of decided to apply the truth to the melody and see what would happen. I think it had a very freeing effect on us all.”

“I don’t have extensive experience singing on film, but I loved getting to do everything spontaneously.”

“Even to be able to turn the part of your brain off that you have to use when you’re not singing in a film to match your performance. I loved that each take could live on its own, as its own unique expression.”

We’re beyond excited about seeing the critically acclaimed ‘Les Miserables’ – bring on the London premiere on Wednesday November 5 2012.