Anna Kendrick is “Terrified” of Weddings

Anna Kendrick is all of us when we’re stuck in the middle of those awkward e-mail chains that are essentially about nothing. Anna hates weddings and says being a bridesmaid is the worst experience ever because you’re in the eye of the storm. She adds that she even avoids having single friends because they might end up engaged. Yep, the fear is that real. She explained:

”I’ve only been a bridesmaid once. I feel like I have made an effort to not have super close female friends because at any given point in my life I have a female friend who’s like, ‘I’m on this email chain and it’s about the nail polish and we’re all going to get the same manicure.’ I’m, like, so terrified of that that I feel like I’m waiting till girls get married and then we can be really close friends.”

Anna’s new movie, Table 19, is all about taking a different look at weddings. Instead of focusing on the bride and groom, the movie is all about those in attendance and what they get up to:

”[In the movie] I’m back at that table that nobody should really be focusing on. Most wedding movies focus on the bride and the groom. And this is like, ‘Who are those people way in the back who don’t really know anybody and what kind of trouble do they get into?’ [Where would I want to be at a wedding?] You can get drunk at Table 19 – maid of honour not so much. I’d rather be the one that just gets to hang out at the back table, it’s great.”

Anna also reveals she accidentally took a year off from work:

”I did, by accident last year. They kept pushing ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ so I didn’t make a movie last year so I think, starting in a couple of months, you won’t see me in a movie for a long time.”