Angelina Jolie Secretly Suffering From Hepatitis C?

Angelina Jolie is known for her slender figure but according to friends the reason behind her slim and at times gaunt appearance is that she is actually suffering from hepatitis C according to sources in a controversial US story.

The shocking claims have been made by notorious  tabloid the National Enqurier, claiming those close the star fear for her health after contracting the disease while experimenting with drugs and tattoos in her youth.

The insider reportedly told the publication: “Brad thinks Angelina’s health woes have been activated by undue stress and her friends fear she’s hiding a terrible secret – that she’s suffering from hepatitis C.”

The source claims her recent trip to Syria to visit refugees was blighted by the star’s health with Ang complaining of “severe headaches, dehydration and lightheadedness”.

“Angie was so busy she forgot to eat and drink sufficient liquids.”

We wonder if being busy and forgetting to eat could be anything to do with her dehydration and light-headedness rather than a serious condition?

Speculation about the 38 year-old’s health has been constant as she appears to have lost her womanly curves of her youth. Soon after she became engaged to Brad Pitt in April after seven years together, rumours started that the actor wanted Ang to gain some weight before their big day.

“He wants her looking like she did in the old says when they first met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” a source told OK! Magazine in May this year.

“She finally accepted that maybe she looks too thin. She’s decided she’d like a more shapely figure when she ties the knot,” the insider continued.

“Often, the only things Angie will eat all day are a handful of nuts or just a few raw organic vegetables,” they added.

With six children to look after, movie commitments and her humanitarian work we’re not surprised Ang is looking a little tired and slim, she’s one of the busiest stars in Hollywood. Tiredness equals hepatitis C? We think that’s a bit of a leap.