Angelina Jolie Reveals She’s Planning Final Preventative Cancer Surgery

86th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

In 2013, Angelina Jolie underwent a preventative double mastectomy when she learned that she has the faulty cancer gene which resulted in her mother’s early death. Now, the actress reveals that she’s preparing to undergo another final surgery which will hopefully keep her cancer free in the future – she will have her ovaries removed to prevent possible ovarian cancer. She commented:

“There’s still another surgery to have, which I haven’t yet. I’ll, you know, I’ll get advice from all these wonderful people who I’ve been talking to, to get through that next stage.”

Angelina’s latest role is as the evil Malficent and she spoke on what Brad thinks of the new part. She added that she has enjoyed playing the part because it was so unique:

“I don’t know! You know, I never asked him. He thinks she’s cool. I loved being Maleficent. I was quite sad to put my staff down and put my horns away because somehow, she just lives in a different world. But I did have to take my staff home to practice walking with it in my cloak, and then I would go outside and scream at the bushes to expand my voice and play with my voice. So, mom was a bit nutso for a period.”

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