Angelina Jolie Misses Out In Lesbian Love List

Angelina Jolie is conspicuously absent from a list of the sexiest female stars as voted for by lesbians.

The famously bisexual actress is edged out of the countdown by actress Racel Weisz who scoops the number one spot.

The Mummy star beat Nicole Kidman to first place after 4,000 lesbians voted for the sexiest Hollywood ladies in an online poll.

Fellow Brits Minnie Driver and Kate Winslet also made the Women We’d Love To Love top 10, as did Kidman’s fellow Aussie Naomi Watts.

The top 5 are:

1. Rachel Weisz

2. Nicole Kidman

3. Minnie Driver

4. Kate Winslet

5. Naomi Watts