Angelina Jolie Gushes About Family Life With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has gushed about her family life with Brad Pitt. The actress says that her other half completes her because he is a very encouraging person and he also takes on his part of parental duties. She says Brad loves being a dad and is happy to pitch in all of the time to make a great balance in their lives:

“He’s always encouraging me and willing to assume a lot of parental responsibilities. When I had the twins, it was very exhausting but Brad just stepped right in and made sure that the other children were getting their breakfast and going off to school on time. He loves being a father. That’s one thing I’m most proud of about him.”

Angelina reveals that Brad has a special bond with the boys in the family especially and loves to teach them new things. She says he is especially close to son Maddox and he has taught him a lot:

“With a large family, you need that support. But it’s much more than that. Brad’s such a wonderful teacher and guide for the boys. He’s always had this special bond with Mad, which has really been important to Mad. He has grown up fast and started to show how much he has learned about the world.”

The actress comments that the couple have learned to always put time aside for each other:

“You learn to reserve certain nights either to go out or just be together without the kids. All couples need to make time for that and even though it can be tough with six kids – especially after I had the twins – things have settled into a more natural rhythm.”