Angelina Jolie Gives Each of Her Kids Individual Attention

The actress and director may have a busy timetable but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been able to work out a way to pencil her kids in, and she says they each even have time alone with her regularly. She commented:

”I schedule individual time with each of the kids like a crazy person.”

Angie has noticed that her children seem to be better behaved when she’s at home with them, even if she is busy working. She comments that when working on her voice for ‘Maleficent’ she noticed how they would misbehave when she was tucked away in her home office but would behave better when she was practising openly in their home:

”I closed the door. One kid came in and another came in and there was a fight outside the door. [A few weeks later Brad was using the office] so I did my voice lessons in the centre of the house in full view on the kitchen table. And nobody bothered me. Not one interruption. It was very clear to me that if they can see you and hear you and you’re right in the room, they actually give you a certain space.”

Angelina is working on the upcoming Netflix drama ‘First They Killed My Father,’ which is centred around the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia and she believes it may change her son Maddox who is from the country and involved in filming:

”The film will change Mad, but as much as he’s discovering the horrors of the past, he’ll also be discovering the culture before the war, the dignity of his country, how they held their heads up.”