Angelina Jolie Blasted For Shiloh’s ‘Tomboy Style’

Angelina Jolie Blasted For Shiloh’s 'Tomboy Style'

Bloggers and magazines across the pond have been kicking up a storm about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s style.

Unlike other celeb tots such as Suri Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s first-born favours trainers over heels, and is more likely to be seen wearing combat trousers than flower dresses.

Hollywood Life ran a story accusing the actress of making her daughter “confused” by projecting her own gender identity onto the child.

According to a psychologist, Shiloh “is being guided into a bisexual role. Her mother is projecting this onto this particular child—she has chosen her as her favorite. I think this is an issue”.

Us Weekly initially reported that experts thought Jolie could be “repressing” Shiloh, but has now changed its tune after discovering from a source that the 3-year-old makes her own sartorial choices.

E! agrees that there’s nothing wrong with Shiloh donning a fedora or two, wondering what its competitors won’t use to make Angelina seem evil and controlling.

What do you think about Shiloh’s wardrobe?

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