Andy Gross ‘SplitMan’ the magician’s cut in half elevator trick is terrifying!

Lift prank’s don;t get more sinister or terrifying than this. Notorious prankster magician And Gross ‘Splitman’ which we’re guessing the name his poor parents passe down at birth, has been scaring the bejesus out of innocent bystanders with his latest prank, which sees him sawn in half terrorising the unfortunate passengers of said elevator.

Unsurprisingly most of his victims are seriously weirded out while others thankfully think the whole thing is hilarious, if not totally bizarre. We’re going to imagine we’d be with the former.

One poor lady shrieks down the corridor when she’s met with a walking zombie carrying his own legs before two young girls begin crying and crawling out of the elevator in pure fear; until of course they realise some creepy dude carrying his own legs is blatantly nothing more than a crazy stunt.

But how on earth does he do it? We’ve been watching this clip over and over again but we cannot work it out. There’s nothing beneath his waist! Are we being blind? Do you have an explanation for this because we are completely stumped.

Whatever we’re equally as baffled, disturbed as we are impressed by Andy Gross ‘Splitman’.