Andre 3000 Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Him In Outkast Movie

Andre 3000 is currently gearing up for the release of his leading role as Jimi Hendrix, in the rocker’s much hyped biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side. While Andre is the obvious man for the job, he has some pretty out there ideas when it comes to casting him and band mate Big Boi in a potential Outkast the movie. During a press conference promoting his Jimi Hendrix picture, the hip-hop heavyweight raised a few eyebrows with his unusual suggestions about who he would like to see play him in a film version about his life.

So who would be the rapper’s first choice to play himself and Big Boi? Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Hart. Yup, the Hey Ya hitmaker surprised everyone with his picks, but he admitted he’d like to have some fun with it explaining their biopic would be more like a comedy than the next Ali or Ray. “It would be great to make an Outkast movie right now, but instead of really serious, make it a full comedy — like Kevin Hart would play Big Boi.” We love Kevin Hart, best known for his hit comedies Think Like A Man and Ride Along, but for Big Boi? Erm, we’re not so sure!

And of course, only the number one actor in the world will do to play Andre himself, he says: “We should cast somebody stupid — like Leonardo DiCaprio.” While we’d normally take whatever comes out of Andre’s mouth as gospel, we’re just going to throw it out there and say this is possibly the strangest thing we’ve heard all year!

Outkast recently reformed for a string of festival performances this year making their return to the stage after a seven year break to headline this year’s Coachella Festival, California. But despite having an absolute ball on stage, both members have consistently denied that a new album is on the way. Bummer!

They may not be making any new music together, but Andre has the highest praise for his band mate, admitting that his partner in crime is a much “sharper rapper” than he is, explaining he gets frustrated when people “try to put Big Boi down”. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 39-year-old said: “The chemistry that made Outkast was the balance. And honestly, Big’s a much sharper rapper than I am. If I was going to a battle, I’d definitely bet on him instead of me.”