Amy Winehouse’s Holiday Fling Josh Bowman Finds Her “Embarassing”

Amy Winehouse’s new man Josh Bowman is said to be using the Rehab star for her fame, after he was overheard describing her as “strange”.

Danny Cipriani’s pal was quoted last week as saying Amy is “not his kind of girl”, and now it’s claimed he is embarrassed by her behaviour.

A source tells the Daily Express, “He had a fling with Amy because he was swept away by the fact that it was Amy Winehouse.

“It was good fun at first and Amy was talking a lot about her Jewish roots and how much it means to her. Josh is also Jewish so they had that connection and were having fun.”

The source adds, “But after a few days he started to find her very full-on and strange, not his idea of a ‘nice Jewish girl’.

“He felt embarrassed by her behaviour in front of other guests and he has tried to gently explain to Amy that they should stay as friends not partners.”

But it seems that Josh’s throwaway comments are no skin off Amy’s nose after hotel guests heard the singer gushing about her soon-to-be ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

She said, “Josh has gone home. He was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I still love my Blake.”

Perhaps divorce isn’t the way to go then Amy?…