Amy Winehouse Unable To Get Out Of Bed For DJ Gig

Amy Winehouse’s mental health is under the microscope again after she failed to turn up for a gig five minutes from her home.

The troubled star failed to show up for an hour set with pal DJ Bioux at Camden’s Monarch Pub, wasting £10 of disgruntled fans’ money.

And according to a UK publication, the reason for Amy’s no show was that she couldn’t get out of bed.

A close friend tells the Mirror, “She’s always showed up when she’s been down to play here before, but apparently tonight she can’t get out of bed. She’s been looking so thin and haggard lately, it’s a real worry.”

Amy’s last public appearance at London’s Berkeley Square Ball with her 12-year-old god-daughter Dionne ended in tears.

A gaunt Amy stormed off stage saying, “This isn’t a life – it’s a mess. Life can’t go on. I can’t do this anymore.”