Amy Winehouse Not In Rehab

More reports have emerged today claiming that Amy Winehouse is not in rehab.

Today’s Sun is claiming that Wino has been shacked up in a £3,000-a-night Four Seasons Hotel in Hook Hants, since she was discharged from hospital following a suspected drugs overdose.

According to a family friend Wino – who is currently unable to eat and is vomiting non-stop – is also rumoured to be suicidal.

“Amy has told her mum she is often suicidal” a family friend told The Sun “She knows she will die young.

“Janis and the rest of the family persuaded Amy to go to the hotel to recover after her overdose.

“They hope that by getting her out of the scene around Camden she will be able to see what she is doing to herself.”

“But Amy is determined that she will not go to rehab.”

The paper also claims that Wino was smoking heroin during her three-day drug and alcohol binge that led to her collapse and subsequent hospitlisation.

The troubled singer suffered from a suspected drug overdose on Wednesday (August 8), and was treated with an adrenaline shot before her stomach was pumped.

Several media outlets claim the soul singer was spotted checking into The Priory rehabilitation clinic with her entourage on Friday.

However reports are now emerging that although Wino’s family are desperate for the soul singer to go to rehab – she simply won’t go.

“It’s what her family desperately want her to do” the family friend continued “But she won’t listen.”