Amy Adams Talks ‘Emotional’ Jennifer Lawrence Kiss In American Hustle

Amy Adams opened up about the on screen kiss she shares with Jennifer Lawrence in black comedy American Hustle and insisted it wasn’t just about two girls kissing on screen, it was “emotional”.

The ladies join an impressive cast of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner for the latest David O. Russell offering and hot on the heels of last year’s Silver Linings Playbook is surely a hot favourite for award season.

Amy Adams locks lips with Jennifer Lawrence in new movie (WENN)

Amy plays Sydney Prosser, the mistress of mobster Irving Rosenfeld, (Bale) in the movie based on the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late 1970s, which is released later this week.

In the movie Amy locks lips with Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Bale’s fiery Long Island housewife. Speaking about the big screen kiss at the press conference ahead of the Los Angeles premiere of the film yesterday, Adams said: “Well, I feel like Jennifer really made that contribution. I came up with the idea, but she executed it in a way that felt driven purely from character.

a”It didn’t just feel like a moment where two girls are going to kiss onscreen – it felt emotional. And the laugh she gives after? That was genius.”

As with Jennifer’s previous movie with Russell, she was once again showed off some impressive dance moves on screen. Revealing all about the saucy scene, Jen claimed: “We were going to go over the script before we started shooting and [David] said he had a vision of Rosalyn wearing yellow cleaning gloves and running through the entire house singing, ‘Live and Let Die.’

“I said, ‘That sounds incredible… how’s it going to make sense?’ I’m so stupid with these and like, ‘I’ll dance, I’ll sing, whatever,'” revealing the motivation she feels for her character behind her moves, Jen went on : “She’s so angry and she’s at this point where she’s been lied to for so long and left out of everything, and she’s getting to this point in this marriage that she’s been fighting for so long, that she’s been imprisoning this man for so many years in this marriage and she’s finally ready to let it die.”

She added: “So, I think that was this great, crazy moment. I threw my neck out, actually.”