American Idol’s Joshua Ledet ‘Relieved’ To Be Out Of The Show

Whilst many would be upset with the fact that they had missed out on the chance to be crowned winner of a hit reality show, American Idol’s Joshua Ledet has admitted that he was “relieved” to be eliminated from the competition.

The hopeful, who was competing for a place in the final with Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips, was voted off the show last night after receiving the lowest amount of votes despite getting praise from judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson the night before.

After hearing that he had been eliminated, the hopeful could be seen getting tearful, something that he wasn’t planning on doing. Talking to People magazine after his exit, Joshua admitted that he cried because he was overwhelmed when the judges hugged him on stage.

He said: “I felt good about the whole situation, but when people come up to you and try to comfort you and hug you, then the tears start coming, and then a whole bunch of other stuff. So just getting their support, it kind of took over, and I kind of lost it a little.”

Revealing that he is happy for Jessica and Phillip who will battle it out next week, Joshua added:

“They deserve it just like anyone else. I was super excited for Phillip and Jessica,” he added. “I was trying to hold a smile up, and I was definitely not upset. I felt relieved. A lot of pressure was off of me, and I feel really good.”

Despite being relieved, the hopeful admitted that he was going to miss the show. He said: “I’m just gonna miss the whole environment. Everyone here is amazing. It’s like a family.”

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