Amanda Seyfried Opens up on Tackling Anxiety & OCD

Actress Amanda Seyfried has opened up on her struggle with both anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Amanda has previously admitted to using medication to treat her anxiety and says she can’t cope without it. She also has several hobbies which she uses to keep her anxieties at bay. She admits that living out of a bag and moving around can be difficult because packing up everything she needs is a nightmare when she is struggling to control her OCD symptoms. She candidly said:

“I had my anxiety and my OCD — a lot of kids have it. You’re afraid of it; you’re afraid of your brain. I didn’t tell people. My parents didn’t even know. I was over organizing. Like, my socks and underwear — it would take me hours to put them away. I still do it sometimes. I have dreams about packing. I am constantly shifting my life around. I bead, I knit, I paint, and I read. So packing is an issue for me. Making sure I have my stuff for those things, and that I have Finn’s stuff, and the stuff that I travel with, like this one little angel that I’ve had since I was born. It’s my guardian angel.”

Amanda believes that a normal, structured life would be easier for her to cope with but she won’t quit her job because she loves it so much. However, she says there are many struggles and she has to remind herself not let the small things get to her:

“If I had a structured life, things would be easier for me. And I love my job. But it’s so hard — I landed in New York on Sunday and thought, ‘What am I doing here? What is this apartment?’ It’s so dark, it’s so depressing. It was a shock to the system. And so you have to focus on a simple thing: being mindful.”