Amanda Holden ‘Tricked’ Husband Into Having Another Baby Following The Tragedy Of Losing Their Son

Amanda Holden has revealed how she tricked her husband into having a baby after her previous pregnancy ended in tragedy.

The star says husband Chris Hughes thought she was on the pill as the couple grieved for their son, who was stillborn at seven months.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admitted: “Chris wanted to wait but I had other ideas. In fact Chris thought I was on the pill but in reality I spat them away on a daily basis.

“I can only put it down to the primal need to have another baby and that had overtaken me.”

Amanada admitted in her autobiography, ‘No Holding Back’, that when she eventually fell pregnant again, she couldn’t believe her luck.

Amanda “tricked” her husband into having another baby after the couple lost their son (Photo: WENN)

“Even though I’d had a strong inkling that I was pregnant, it took a few moments to sink in when I did the next pregnancy test. I couldn’t believe it.

“Then it really hit me. I had never felt so happy in my whole life.”

Amanda, 42, then had daughter Hollie Rose in January 2012, a sister for their first daughter Lexi, now seven.

However Amanda faced further trauma during the birth when she started haemorrhaging in hospital.

The star revealed: “Unbeknown to everyone, my placenta had attached itself to my bladder, and when they lifted it out, it snagged a large artery and ruptured it. I had haemorrhaged and was bleeding to death.”

She said: “I looked at Chris and said, ‘Don’t let me die’.”

Her autobiography ‘No Holding Back’ is out on October 24.