Amanda Bynes Took Her Breast Implants Out, Planning New Nose Job


Amanda Bynes is one of the most eccentric people on earth right now. She’s lucky Michael Jackson isn’t around to give her any competition, but she’s well on her way to being one of the weirdest celebs around at the moment, alongside Justin Bieber of course.

Amanda recently had her breast implants removed because they were supposedly causing her discomfort. She revealed:

‘I got my breast implants removed, they were uncomfortable … I prefer them out.”

A source says that the removal process didn’t go very smoothly and she had a tube lodged in her breast (WTH?) which hurt her:

”A tube got lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain. But she is much better now and even told me, ‘They look amazing without the implants!”’

Now that her breast implants are out, Amanda is also planning new work on her nose which she calls a “birth defect”. She will be having ”the bone that forms the bridge of my nose” shaved down. A source commented:

”The change in her nose has made Amanda feel so more confident. She’s become addicted to the confidence each surgery gives her … She bemoaned that she stopped working because she was so vain that she didn’t like how her nose was looking on camera.”