Amanda Bynes Arrested & Mentally Evaluated After Tossing Bong Out of Window


Amanda Bynes has officially crossed over to loopy land – where your greeted with a gift basket containing various drug goodies by Lindsay Lohan upon entry…

The “retired” actress was arrested last night after someone called the cops, reporting disorderly behavior. It appeared that Amanda freaked out when the police arrived at her apartment and decided to ditch her stash in the most logical way possible – she tossed a foot long bong out of her window. She lives on the 36th floor by the way.

She was swiftly arrested for her weirdness (including tampering with evidence and possession of Marijuana) and was even mentally evaluated before police locked her up for the night. She was last seen heading to a court appearance this morning wearing the same outfit she was arrested in (above) complete with a long blonde wig which she used to cover her face.

This isn’t the first time Amanda has been in trouble with the law – the actress is currently on probation after she was involved in a string of car accidents and her behavior via her twitter account has been increasingly bizarre over the last few months – she’s even snapped nude selfies and uploaded them for her fans. We will have to wait and see how this incident pans out but at least there is someone taking over LiLo’s usual dramatic role while she’s away in rehab!!