Alien: Covenant – Trailer #2

Alien: Covenant – Trailer #2 has landed and the internet has exploded.

Trailer number 2 for Alien: Covenant dropped nicely in our laps today and already the reaction has been phenomenal.

The first full trailer was released on Christmas Eve to much excitement and we met the characters for the first time and caught a glimpse of the alien, or Xenomorph to the inner geek in all of us.

So where does Alien: Covenant fit into the Alien Series? Deep breath….

Alien: Covenant is the second part of the prequel series of movies which starts with Prometheus, released in 2012. The events in Prometheus take place around 30 years before the original Alien movie and Alien Covenant takes place 10 years later. There will be at least one more movie, although Ridley Scott thinks he can squeeze another 3 movies in before we finally arrive back to where we were in 1979 although, in reality, we’ll actually be closer to 2079.

Back to trailer #2. We see the colony ship Covenant and it’s fairly large crew.  Noomi Rapace is back and so too is Michael Fassbender. Much of the trailer is a remix of the first but with the added pleasure of watching the Xenomorph terrorising the crew of the Covenant in its various forms. Billy Crudup experiences the Facehugger and we see a wayward Chestburster trying to escape from someone’s back.

The release of this movie excites me more than Prometheus did mainly because Alien: Resurrection was such a huge disappointment. Prometheus was good which in turn has given me hope that the continuing series is back on the right track.

Alien: Covenant is due for release on the 19th of May.