Alfonso Ribeiro Reveals Why He Won’t Return To The Role Of Carlton Banks As He Wows With Iconic Dance On DWTS

Alfonso Ribeiro brought back part of our childhood on Monday night when he performed the Carlton dance on Dancing With The Stars. Fans of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air will know, without a doubt, how amazing and entertaining it was to see Carlton Banks bust out his moves whenever Tom Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’ came on.

However, as much as Alfonso appeared to enjoy bringing back the dance for the show, the actor has revealed that it is unlikely that he will take on the role of Carlton for a reunion episode of the hit show. On the subject of getting the cast together for a TV special, Alfonso told US Weekly: “I don’t think it would happen simply because we’ve lost James [Avery]. [The actor died at 68 in December 2013.] When James passed, he was the heart and the center of the show. I believe, for us, it was something we enjoyed in the past and we’ll let it stay there.” But on the subject of being a part of a reboot of The Fresh Prince which also starred Will Smith, the actor said: “I don’t know. They’d really, really have to get me with an amazing script, I think.”

Despite the news that a televised reunion is unlikely to happen, Alfonso did reveal that he is still close to his cast members, including his on-screen sister Tatyana Ali who played the role of Ashley.

He said: “My wife [Angela Unkrich] and Tati [Tatyana Ali] are friends, and Karyn [Parsons] and Tati and my wife are friends. Will and I talk and we all get together. We all have such love for each other. Will actually rapped a birthday wish to [my wife] while we were all in Trinidad at Carnival for her birthday! He flew into Trinidad and hung out with us and we had a party and he got up and did a birthday rap for her. That’s the kind of stuff we do for each other and it’s just love — and that love is forever.”

Back to the Carlton’s dance and the star made the revelation that he came up with the amazing dance. Recalling the simple instructions he was just given to dance, Alfonso told the publication: “Well, it just said, ‘Carlton dances’ in the script and I had to come up with what that dance was, kind of the beginning phases of any character. You’re creating the different things the character would do. Okay, it says ‘he dances’ but what does he do? What is that dance? It’s kind of generic but what do you do, what do you create?”

Check out Alfonso perform the Carlton dance on DWTS