Alexandra Burke Dating Marcus Anthony

Alexandra Burke Dating Marcus Anthony

Photo: WENN

Alexandra Burke has got a new man in her life: American singer Marcus Anthony, who is Jamie Foxx’s protege.

The 23-year-old X Factor winner took him to the Cosmopolitan Awards for their first date, the Mirror reports.

Alex, who failed to impress on the X Factor when she took over judging duties for Kelly Rowland, seems smitten with her new man, although they got off to an awkward start.

She said: “We met at a Michael Jackson concert and he thought I was a backing dancer.”

“It was only later on that he Googled me and he found out the truth.”


That hasn’t put her off, however, as she added: “It’s early days but Marcus is brilliant and gorgeous; I really like him. This is our very first official date. Watch this space…!”

We will do!

Alexandra on the other side of the X Factor desk…