Alexa Chung Hits Back At Weight Attacks: ‘I’m Not Trying To Be Thinspo’

Alexa Chung has hit back at criticism that she is too skinny by claiming she isn’t “trying to be thinspo”.

The TV presenter was responding to comments made about a picture posted on her Instagram account that showed off her tiny frame.

According to The Daily Mail users immediately began attacking the 28 year-old for being “unhealthy” and disgustingly skinny” after she posted the picture.

One commenter said: “THIS degree of skinny is frankly alarming, sadly.”

“It is equally alarming that people ENVY this degree… as it is NOT a healthy degree of underweight. Certainly, they shouldn’t want to be like this.”

After two hours the model turned TV presenter hit back at the comments and insisted that she wasn’t, ‘thinspiration’ for girls who wanted to lose weight.

“Ok everyone thanks for the teen angst discussions,” Alexa wrote on her account. “People are different sizes. I’m not trying to be thinspo for anyone.”

It isn’t the first time Alexa has been attacked for her weight.

The brunette, who has always denied suffering from an eating disorder has previously spoke out about the criticism.

“I stopped using Twitter for a while because I got so much s**t about being anorexic. And I’m not.” She told OK Magazine.