After Earth On Course To Be This Year’s Big Flop As It ‘Takes Just $10 Million For US Opening’

After Earth may have father/son duo Will and Jaden Smith as stars, an original story dreamed up by Will not to mention lots of sci fi action but according to box office reports, that’s not enough to draw in the crowds.

With critics slamming Will’s latest big blockbuster, it looks like the punters aren’t enticed by the film either as the Chicago Tribune reports M. Night Shyamalan’s film took a measly $10 million on Friday, the first day of it’s US release.

Film website Deadline is estimating an opening weekend take in the mid $20 million, with the might of Fast & Furious 6 still topping the box office charts in the States. The figures are far below Sony’s predictions for the opening weekend which stood at $30- $40 million.

Will Smith and his son Jaden team up for new film After Earth (WENN)

Considering the film cost a hefty $130 million, After Earth could turn out to be one big flop. Meanwhile, Fast & Furious 6 just continues to gain pace with the film taking $40 million on its second week of release. The sixth outing in the franchise will likely stay at No. 1 in its second weekend of release.

After Earth has enjoyed some publicity from Jaden’s good mate Justin Bieber who has been tweeting about the sci fi epic this week in attempt to draw in the punters.

Ignoring the negative feedback, Bieber jumped on Twitter yesterday to rally up support for his pal Jaden, encouraging his fans to go watch the film this weekend: “Everyone go see #AfterEarth this weekend. @officialjaden we got u. #supportyourfriends,” the 19-year-old wrote.