Adele ‘was meant to perform George Michael Grammys tribute with Beyonce and Rihanna’

Adele stole headlines when she halted the LIVE Grammys on Sunday night to re-start her tribute to the late icon George Michael.

In a heroic and bold move, Adele stopped everything and said she needed to start her rendition of Fastlove again, but it could have been much worse as originally stars including Beyonce and Rihanna were meant to be involved, according to a new report.

They’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that it didn’t work out, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, both RiRi and Bey were slated to join Adele and sing various bits for a moving tribute to the British musician – who tragically died on Christmas Day.

“The family didn’t want a tribute at first, and they came back and were very specific that it be me,” Adele said.

Bravo, @adele. Thank you for your incredibly moving tribute to the late George Michael. #GRAMMYs

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While the show’s executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, added: ”The dream was Adele, we had to get it right.”

The Faith star’s longtime manager Michael Lippman had hoped that Grammys host James Corden along with stars such as Adele, Beyoncé and Rihanna could each put their own spin on one of the star’s songs.

Ehrlich however revealed that Adele was immediately caught up in the idea and said they quickly realised “how passionate Adele was and that she had a vision for what she wanted to do with it.”

George Michael 1963 – 2016

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The Hello star even worked with the Grammys team to pick out the visuals and Ehrlich said that she had “corresponded directly about changes or thoughts she had.”


Many Americans weren’t particularly familiar with Fastlove, but backstage Adele revealed why she had picked that particular song, recalling how she was around 10 years old when it came out and she recognised the emotion in the track.

‘Be good to yourself, because nobody else has the power to make you happy…’

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“When the video came out for that, I was blown away by how f***ing hot he was,” she said.

“It’s actually quite exceptional how good-looking he was.”

Upon hearing news of his death on Christmas Day, Adele was heartbroken, as she said: “I actually had to go for a walk on my own and just breathe for a while.”