Adam Brody on Awkward Pregnant Sex Scene With Kristen Bell

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Adam Brody has spoken on filming an awkward set scene with his pregnant co-star Kristen Bell. Adam stars alongside Kristen in ‘House of Lies’ and says that filming the scene was at first awkward but they soon got very comfortable with the experience even though Kristen’s growing baby was sandwiched in between them for the whole scene:

”It was very, very, very awkward for, I would say, about five minutes and then it was awkward in how normal it was. We were sandwiching her child in-between our stomachs.”

Adam also appears in the new film ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with action star Jean Claude Van Damme and admits that appearing alongside the legendary actor made his dreams come true because he used to worship him when he was a kid:

”My seventh-grade self was freaking out. I’ve gotten to work with so many actors I really respect and look up to, but when I was in seventh grade, he was my hero, I worshipped him. He wasn’t an actor to me, he was a real-life superhero.”

Kristen has also spoken on the awkward pregnant sex scenes, admitting that they jokingly called them “threesomes” because the baby was there:

”Don Cheadle and I had this on-again, off-again sexual thing and my boyfriend on this season was Adam Brody and he affectionately refers to our sex scenes as ‘threesomes’, because my belly was on top.”

Photo: PRPhotos