‘Acting Is My First Love’: Selena Gomez To Ditch Music And Go Back To Movies?

Sorry to break it to you Justin Bieber, but it turns out that acting is actually Selena Gomez’s first love, so much so that the star is thinking about packing in her music career so that she can spend more time on her movies.

The 21-year-old showed she could do serious when starring in Spring Breakers earlier this year and it seems like Selena is eager to show that there’s plenty more where that came from!

”Initially I wanted to quit music, but that probably isn’t ever going to happen. I think I need to do more acting. I’m not super-confident in it, but acting is my first love,” the singer has told Teen Vogue.

But the former Disney actress has confessed that she would like to push her creative boundaries further and immerse herself in roles that are less teen princess and more of a  challenge for her.

”It’s too easy for me to be in a teeny bopper movie. I like a challenge. ‘Spring Breakers’ is my proudest achievement, for sure, in acting. I’m so proud of my show [‘Wizards of Waverley Place’], too, but the movie was absolutely liberating and it was awesome,” she explained.

However, despite the dark nature of Spring Breakers, the Come and Get It singer has revealed that her favourite movie genre is a little less though-provoking, admitting that she’s actually a sucker for a romantic comedy!

”I love romantic comedies. ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ … I’ve always been kind of a hopeless romantic,” gushed the brunette beauty.

Selena recently starred in action movie Getaway alongside actor Ethan Hawke, but the low-budget movie was shunned on its US release.

The movie, set in Bulgaria, tells the tale of ex-racing driver Brent Magna (Hawke), who comes home one Christmas to find that his wife has been kidnapped. He is then ordered to steal a spoilt-teen’s (Gomez) flash car and perform a series of tests, with Selena joining him for a ride.