Aaron Carter on Hilary Duff Relationship: “I Just Need to Shut Up Now About It”

No one really remembers, but Aaron Carter used to date Hilary Duff and he hasn’t shut up about it since. He just won’t stop. Ever. Even if he knows how ridiculous he’s sounding. Just can’t, won’t. In a recent interview, Carter once again dropped in how much he’s obsessing over Hilary, still, after all this time. He said previously when she announced her split from husband Mike Comrie:

“I’m gonna do everything in my power to fix those (broken) relationships in my life, just like I want to fix the relationship I had with the love of my life. I’m not gonna give up on Hilary. Ever.”

Hilary was asked what she thought of Aaron’s comments and she said “meh” and coughed “stalker” under her breath. The singer and actress said in response to the comment:

“I don’t know how I feel (about that). I mean, that was so long ago, and obviously I’m still married, and I have a baby and we kind of just… don’t know each other.”

Hilary appears to have reconciled with her husband since she announced the split (no one has yet filed for divorce) and yet, Aaron is still continuing to dream about the day they’ll get back together. His latest comment? That he’s going to “shut up” about it. Oh damn, did he just – yeah, he mentioned it again. He said:

“If I’m too open about how I feel then people wanna nag and pick and poke at me. I don’t know Hilary either. She don’t know me and I don’t know her. I just need to shut up now about it. I think it’s time…She’s got a kid and she’s married and I’m not trying to be that dude. That’s not my intention. Hilary will always hold a very special place in my heart.”