X Factor Hopeful Leaves Judges Shocked And Stunned With Aggressive Behaviour

The X Factor has returned and it’s definitely come back with a bang after a hopeful reacted badly to Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa Contostavlos, Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow’s comments.

Featuring in a VT, we were introduced to Zoe Alexander, a Pink tribute act who wanted to make a name for herself in the music industry. Appearing on the stage, the 22 year-old told the judges: “Hoping to get 4 yeses, but after that I’m hoping to get a bit of an identity, my own identity.”

Choosing to sing Pink’s ‘So What’, the hopeful was met by reservations from the judges who couldn’t understand why she chose to sing a Pink song if she wanted to break away from it. Reacting to Zoe’s performance, Tulisa said:

“Okay see the problem is, you came out saying that you wanted to find your own identity, it’s very confusing for me because I did feel like I was watching a Pink tribute act.”

Believing that Zoe should be given a second chance, the judges requested the hopeful to sing another song.

Despite singing another song, Emeli Sande’s ‘Next To Me’, the star still failed to impress the judges. After expressing their reservations and refusal to put her through to the next round, the judges were met by an angry Zoe who set about accusing the judges of making her sing a Pink song when she didn’t want to.

Stomping off in anger, the hopeful then threw her microphone on the floor and calling them “c****”, before pushing the camera and the backstage staff.

Reacting to her behaviour, that saw gasps from the audience, Gary said: “she’s just hit the camera man”, whilst Nicole added: “Inappropriate!”

What did you think of Zoe’s performance?

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July 30 2012. Nicole Sherzinger mentoring the boys Wenn.com