WATCH: Rihanna Sings Happy Birthday To Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Eleanor Calder

While we would be happy with a card on our birthday if you are dating a member of One Direction then you can expect a lot, lot more as Rihanna has taken time out of her busy partying schedule to wish Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend, Eleanor Calder a very happy birthday. (July 16)

The 24 year-old is currently sunning herself on a yacht in the Mediterranean but clearly couldn’t let the Manchester University student’s birthday go by without a personal version of ‘Happy Birthday’.

Rihanna Sings Happy Birthday To Eleanor Calder…

As well as Rihanna’s best wishes Louis bandmates and family also sent their birthday wishes to the pretty brunette. Louis sent a personal shout out to his girlfriend of a year: “A very happy birthday to my lovely girlfriend @eleanorjcalder. Love you lots and lots ?#happybirthdayeleanor,”

And also thanked Rihanna for her very special message.

“@rihanna Thank you so so much for doing the birthday message for Eleanor!! Take care X”

Irish hunk Niall Horan represented for the 1D boys and tweeted: “Happy birthday @EleanorJCalder have fun!”

She also got a message from future mother in law Jay Tomlinson who sent love from Louis’ family: “@EleanorJCalder Happy Birthday sweet! Have a lovely day with my lovely boy! Love Jay, Dan & girls XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX”


Looks like Louis really spoiled his girlfriend as he also tweeted a pic of the amazing cake he had made for her – complete with icing versions of the couple sitting on a bench.

What on earth will he do next year?!

We don’t know if even a proposal from One Direction would be better than Rihanna singing happy birthday!