VIDEO: Kate Middleton Is ‘Enjoying Showing Off Her Baby Bump’

Kate Middleton is feeling confident as a pregnant Duchess, according to body language expert Judi James.

The Royal mum-to-be may have appeared to let slip the sex of the baby yesterday, but Judi reckons she’s enjoying herself.

Speaking exclusively to EntertainmentWise, she said: “[Kate]’s always had a signature pose with her hands around her waist or on her stomach, but now she’s got her hands under the stomach and slightly arching her back. She’s clearly quite happy about the whole thing – she’s doing a lot of signs with her eye contact to the audience, that I think is the connection she needed.

“She pulls a ‘yes I know’ smile… she’s enjoying showing it off now.”

Judi also told us that it’s rare for a pregnant member of the Royal family to wear an outfit that shows off the baby bump.

“This is unusual for royal women, to wear a dress that displays the bump,” she explained. “Normally by this stage they would be in something that looks like it could hold a party for 100 people. Some marquee.”

Speculation has been rife that Kate is expecting a baby girl, after she appeared to stop herself from saying “daughter” during a Royal engagement yesterday.

Watch Judi’s full analysis – including how she thinks Prince William is getting on as an expectant father – above.