VIDEO: Adam Levine On Christina Aguilera’s Weight: ‘I’m Keeping My Mouth Shut’

The Voice judges Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine are rumoured to be at war, and it could have got much worse as the Maroon 5 singer was asked about Aguilera’s weight by Howard Stern.

Christina’s weight has been criticised around the world in recent years, and Kelly Osbourne has been very vocal about it – and now Howard Stern wants a word.

When Adam dropped in for a chat with the shock jockey, he asked: “Why do you think she got so heavy… Is she upset? She used to be so f**king hot! When you’re a plus-sized woman, you can’t wear the tight clothes anymore.”

A speechless Adam, looked visibly shocked by the line of questioning, and shook his head. He then added: “I wouldn’t go that far.”

But not content with that Stern continued: “Adam, what size is she?”, before insisting that Aguilera was now a US size 12, which is a UK size 16.

To which the ‘She Will Be Loved’ singer replied: ”I’m keeping my f**king mouth shut.”

Do you think Howard Stern was out of line? Or was he just asking what everyone was thinking?

Christina on stage

Christina Aguilera performs at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert